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File Verification Rules

To verify data file the user should assign a verification rule to each column. The verification rule is a set of data check options and settings.

There are a few type of checks:

  • Do not check. The program should not check data in this column.
  • Check that value is a number, date or time
  • Check that value is not empty
  • Check that value is match with regular expression
  • Check that value has most useful type like URL, e-mail or ZIP code.
  • Check that value is in specified list (use comma as seperator, for example '1,2,3')

For number, date or time value you can specify one of the following additional checks:

  • Check that value is greater (or less) specified value
  • Check that value is greater (or less) another column of the same row
  • Check that value is in specified range

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