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Right File Auditor

Right File Auditor is a data file verification tool. The tool performs source file scan for problems based on user defined data audit rules. Each rule describes that data value is right. For example, "Order Date" value must be date less "Ship Date" when ZIP column must be correct US ZIP code.
This verification tool is most suitable for data from non-reliable sources like public or open source data, agents as well as for manually entered files. Download demo version (?) right now!
Key Product Features
  • Offers eight basic checks for data verification rules.
  • Offers dozen subchecks for data verification rules.
  • Allows to add data requirements like "must be unique" to rule.
  • Supports tab-delimited and CSV files as well as files with custom separators.
  • Generates data verification report: HTML (sample), plain text and Excel compatible formats.
  • Built-in project report to review audit rules (sample).
  • The tool has console version. The data verification process can be scheduled or run unattended.
Right File Auditor screenshot
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  • Your data and integrity will be right with this audit tool.
  • It prevents destroying of your information system data during import process by pre-verification.
  • Make your reports and analytics better by removing non-reliable and duplicated values found by the auditor.
  • Your B2B relationships will be faster and more reliable with verified data exchange.
  • Improve your reputation by providing clear data to customers and partners.
System Requirements

The file auditor is a modern windows application that designed for Windows XP (SP2 and newer), Vista and Windows 7. Windows Server 2003 and 2008 are supported as well. Microsoft .Net is required.

See also: performance report.

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