Verification Project Report


Right File Auditor Version1.0.0.0
Report Created16.03.2010 13:57
Source FileD:\user_data1.txt
Source File FormatTab-delimited File
Save verification report toD:\user_data1_report.html
Verification report formatHTML Document
Number of rules7
Date FormatDD.MM.YYYY
Time FormatHH:MM:SS
Show All Data ModeNo
Project FileD:\user_data_audit.faup

Verification Rules

ColumnVerification Rule
MailDo not check this column
UserIDValue must be a number between 1000 and 9999
NameValue must be First Name
HomePageValue must be URL (http only)
PhoneValue must be Phone (3+7 format)
ZIPValue must be ZIP code (USA)
Client IPValue must be IP address