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Q: Can I schedule my data cleaning process?
A: Please use command line version of the data cleaner together with windows AT command.

Q: How can I clean a few files at once?
A: You can specify a few project files as parameters for command line version of the tool.
It will execute these projects sequentially.

Q: The program does not recognize project file as command line parameter. What is wrong?
A: You should quote file name that contains space(s). For example: rfcl.exe "d:\projects and data\q1.fclp."

Q: Does the price include any support and upgrade period?
A: Yes, 3 months for the Standard and 1 year for Professional edition.

Q: Do your company provide phone support?
A: No, most questions require detailed examination by our staff (QA, developers, etc), so it's impossible to answer you immediately.

Q: Do you offer discount for non-profit and educational organizations?
A: Yes, please contact our support team.

Q: Do you have money back option?
A: Yes, we'll back you money in case our file cleaner is not suitable for you and we could not help you.

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