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Right File Cleaner

Right File Cleaner is a data file cleaning tool. The tool scans data files for a few types of problems and fixes found errors. There are clearing rules: remove empty rows, remove duplicated rows, remove extra spaces, change capitaliztion, adding lost spaces, etc.
This data clearing tool is most suitable for data from non-reliable sources like public or open source data, agents as well as for manually entered files. Download demo version (?) right now!
Key Product Features
  • Offers file level and column level cleaning rules.
  • Offers ten built-in data cleaning rules.
  • Supports tab-delimited and CSV files as well as files with custom separators.
  • Generates data cleaning HTML report. Sample report.
  • Built-in project report to review cleaning rules. Sample report.
  • The file cleaner has console version. The data clearing process can be scheduled or run unattended.
Right File Cleaner screenshot
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  • You can make data better with this data cleaning tool.
  • It prevents destroying of your information system data during import process by pre-clearing.
  • Make your reports and analytics better by standartization and removing duplicated values.
  • Your B2B relationships will be faster and more reliable with cleaned data exchange.
  • Improve your reputation by providing clear data to partners and customers.
System Requirements

The file cleaner is a modern windows application that designed for Windows XP (SP2 and newer), Vista and Windows 7. Windows Server 2003 and 2008 are supported as well. Microsoft .Net is required.

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