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Right File Scrambler

Right File Scrambler is an easy tool that helps you to anonymize or hide some data. The tool generates output file based on source data with values replaced to random but realistic data. This process managed by the set of scramble rules. Each rule describes how to generate values. For example, "Order Date" must contain random date when "Full Name" column must be populated by realistic names.
This scrabmble tool is helpful for companies and teams who need to prevents critical and personal data discousing. Download demo version (?) right now!
Key Product Features
  • Two dozen of built-in data scramble rules.
  • Supports three source and output formats: tab-delimited, CSV files of files with custom separator.
  • It scrambles your data really fast.
  • Generates project report to review data scramble properties.
  • The tool has console version. The data scramble process can be scheduled or executed unattended.
Right File Scrambler screenshot
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  • Your will hide personal data (name, phone, SSN, etc) when provide data to outsouring companies.
  • Your developers will work with realistic but not real data sets.
System Requirements

The test file generator is a modern windows application that designed for Windows XP (SP2 and newer), Vista and Windows 7. Windows Server 2003 and 2008 are supported as well. Microsoft .Net is required.

See also: performance report.

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